OCC to TUSC Swap dApp

This site allows you to register a new TUSC account and swap OCC from the Ethereum blockchain to TUSC coins.

OCC are swapped at a 2 OCC to 1 TUSC ratio.

Follow the steps below or use the detail tutorial here.

  1. Ensure your Ethereum wallet containing OCC is accessible via MetaMask.
  2. Ensure this wallet also has enough ETH to pay for gas.
  3. Click "Register a new TUSC Account" below and use the form to get a new public and private key pair and key phrase from the TUSC blockchain.
  4. Using the public key from step 3, register a new TUSC account.
  5. Click "Next" to go to the swap page and connect to your wallet.
  6. Select the correct wallet (you must be logged in to MetaMask).
  7. Press the "Approve Full OCC Balance Swap" button and confirm the transaction.
  8. Wait at least 15 minutes to receive your TUSC coins.
  9. View your TUSC account's balance by using the form on the swap page.
  10. Click "Next" to visit the swap stats page to vies the number of OCC which have been swapped to TUSC.
Get 24/7 help with the swap process on telegram at https://t.me/TUSCNetwork or email support@tusc.network